A downloadable game for Windows

Fantasy Legend is an RPG that takes inspiration from Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Tales. It's the first thing I've ever released with RPG Maker and I hope you play it and leave some feedback!

This is an early demo that features the first hour or so of gameplay.

Don't forget to install the Source Sans font family in the FONT folder!

(Fantasy Legend is a placeholder title, I'm aware of how generic it sounds. That's the point!)

Known issues - These will be addressed in the next demo, scheduled for... sometime soon?

  • Music volume will be lowered, it's currently too loud compared to sound effects.
  • Adjustments to item names, descriptions, prices
  • Poison will do less damage.
  • Swamp Charm does the opposite of it's intention- it inflicts Poison instead of making the wearer immune to it! This will be fixed.
  • Phoenix Down will actually work. Will have a new name, too.
  • Encounter rate will be slightly lowered.
  • Temple Guardian will get a buff. Sorry!
  • Various passability and tile issues around the Forest Temple exterior and Valefgard City.
  • Various other tweaks to numbers and such.

More information

Published189 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
TagsJRPG, RPGMaker
Player countSingleplayer


Fantasy Legend Demo 0.1.zip (217 MB)


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I hope you continue this project, it looks pretty promising so far!